Face Masks

With the recent surge in COVID-19 cases throughout our service area, face masks should be worn at all times while on Bear River Head Start property. Staff, parents and children age 3 and up should wear a mask that covers their mouth, nose and fits securely around the chin and ears. Bear River Head Start will provide masks for all children upon arrival to class each day. Below is a link to the Center for Disease Control for additional resources on proper mask use. Thank you for helping to keep our classrooms healthy and safe!


Quarantine vs. Isolation

I have included a link to the Utah Department of Health COVID-19 page. This link has helpful information on the differences between quarantine and isolation due to COVID-19.


Please remember that isolation and self-isolation are for individuals who have tested positive or have symptoms of COVID-19. Those who test positive will work with the local Health Department to determine the period of isolation and when the isolation is complete.

ONLY individuals who have been in “close contact” (within 6 feet for more than 15 minutes) of a person who has tested positive, will be asked to quarantine for 14 days beginning from the time of exposure. If you develop COVID-19 symptoms during quarantine, please contact your Primary Health Care Provider for more information.

The Bear River Head Start Point of Contact (POC) will work the Health Department in your area to determine individuals who may need to quarantine. Children in quarantine will receive virtual “Center At Home” lessons until the quarantine period is complete.

A message from our Family Development Team…

Family well-being is an important focus of the Bear River Head Start program. The Family Development team is committed to engaging parents to support positive outcomes for Head Start children and their families. We have included a letter to parents explaining the Family Development services that you will receive throughout the year.

Welcome back!

Bear River Head Start is excited to begin a new school year! We are committed to providing safe and healthy learning environments for our children, families and staff. Staff have been trained to perform Daily Health Checks for themselves and each child entering our facilities or receiving home visits. We have also increased our cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting efforts throughout the day at all of our Preschool and Early Head Start locations. Below you will find a letter to parents with children enrolled in our Centers and Home Based programs. This letter will explain some of the changes we are implementing due to COVID-19. We have also added a link to our Exclusion Policy. Please remember to keep your child home if they are experiencing any symptoms of illness. Parents, we appreciate your help in keeping our program safe and healthy for all the children we serve!

Please check back often for updates and changes to our COVID-19 procedures as recommendations and guidelines may change.

Exclusion Policy